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Welcome to <FATE>!

It was our destiny to form this awesome guild to make the most out of Rift! Fate is a Deepwood Guardian guild that has an absolute blast. Whether it is delving into dungeons, running raids, pwning pvp, rocking rifts, annihilating adventures, conquering crafting, gettin' geared, enthusiastic emoting, or just plain fooling around, we're there. People are friendly, flirtacious and funny, many all of the above. During downtime in Sanctum, I've never seen any other guild that rocks it like we do.  
Our guild consists mostly of level 50's but we don't forget our other members from 1-49. If you're mature, positive, and love playing mmos, <Fate> may be for you. Recruitment is open to any class at least level 30 or higher. Join and grow with us and experience the end-game! Many of us have families, work or school, but there are many of us you'll find online all the time. We've got early birds, night owls and members in-between. No matter your time zone, you're guaranteed a good time. Vent is always a riot! 
We have morphed into a casual raiding guild that is extremely flexible. We'll be raiding many nights of the week, but have enough level 50's that you have your choice to join one of our two raiding teams or just do your own thing when you log on. We're still working that out, but check back soon for both East and West coast raiding times on our
Raid Calendar!

Recruitment is slowed over the holidays because we are a friendly guild that actually wants to get to know you. We've recently welcomed into our ranks several new members who have jumped from other shards, as well as other fantastic Deepwood folks. We already love you all. <3

If you want to grow with us, welcome and enjoy your fate! To join, send Pandia/Pandi, Kroker, Brily, Sagittarian, Ragahelper/Ragamogger, Frothgar, or Phenglai/Silaas a tell in-game. At least one of those people should be on almost any hour of the day.
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Our latest GSB kill

Feyrbrand_12, Feb 5, 12 8:46 PM.

Food For Thought

Kernel, Dec 26, 11 12:27 AM.
Hello Fate!

   It has been a pleasure playing with all of you, and as you may have noticed, we are growing quickly. Fate in my opinion is headed in the right direction to succeed in the future. Founded on the ideals of helping each other and having fun.

    I just wanted to a quote from "Gaiscioch" a guild on Faeblight, with 13 allied guilds and over 2600 players all striving for the same goal.

    I do not feel that this applies to us or any individual in Fate, I simply felt that we would benefit from reading this.
"This is Our toughest fight we will face in Rift. This elite Fight will not be conquered easily. Will not be defeated with ranks, gear, or skill. It is not a creature within the game, or a premade that we simply can't overcome. Our biggest challenge we will face is our own ego. Ego, has toppled the largest of guilds, the most powerful of guilds, the most confident of guilds. It starts as defensive attitudes followed by hostility, followed by friends taking stabs at one another"

So the take away from this is communication, and the understanding that raids are "One team, one fight." I wanted to let you all know how I feel, that through patience, understanding and communication, we can defeat any foe Trion can develop. I don't want to lose the best content that Rift has to offer, friends.

For informational purposes only.

- Kernel 

Welcome all our new members!

Pandia, Dec 17, 11 8:08 AM.
We love all our new members, thanks so much for joining Fate. Here we are with some of the new members at the end of Gilded Prophecy, we did both DH and GP tonight with hardly any deaths and it went so smooth. Looking forward to future fun raids!

We do love to bring our companions...


Drowned Halls downed by Fate!

Kroker56, Dec 3, 11 3:43 AM.
Great job Fate!  Hope we can get more guildies for the next event, we were 3 short when we started and we had to get some outside help.  Please post in the member only section of the forums, the best day and night you could usually be on for a raid.  Thanks!

After DRR

Pandia, Nov 11, 11 11:12 AM.
A few of us standing around in Sillmoor after Fate's first Daily Raid Rift. Thanks Brily for hosting this event!

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